On March 5th, 2017...

Activists from Animal Liberation Victoria (Australia), Direct Action Everywhere (USA), Tierretter.de (Germany) and Tomma burar (Sweden) released the world's first internationally coordinated open rescue. Twenty-one activists took part in this rescue that saved the lives of 37 animals across three different continents. Watch the video here.  

get involved 

Actions are happening all over the world to observe and celebrate International Open Rescue Day and to show support for open rescue. 

Join groups around the world in taking action! These include protests, vigils, outreach events and online actions - so everyone can join from anywhere! 

Open rescues cost money. You can donate to any of the groups by following the link to their website.

Does your group do open rescue? Join our coalition and help bring open rescue to the world. 

why march 5th?

March 5th was chosen as International Open Rescue Day as it is the date of the first open rescue to ever take place, conducted by Animal Liberation Victoria in Australia in 1993. International Open Rescue Day was first observed in 2017.